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Unhide a toolbar in MPLD3

Did you ever want to know how to unhide the toolbar in MPLD3? Here is how:

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Data Science Seminars

These seminars that eScience and company are putting on are great. I have to go to the IHME seminars scheduled at competing time once in a while, so someone else attend at tell me about this one:

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Stephen Few on Missing Values

A new edition of the Visual Business Intelligence Newsletter crossed my inbox recently, on how to display timeseries with missing and incomplete values:

Good, simple ideas are our most precious intellectual commodity.

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Paternity Leave

An email I sent recently:

NYTimes ran an interesting article on paternity leave just as I was returning from my unpaid time off spent with my baby. It doesn’t say anything specific about university professors, but may be of interest to others on this list anyway:

For a shorter and more personal version of this material, see a Facebook VP’s version here:


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You might be interested in a new data science competition site,, which is like kaggle meets They call it “Data science competitions to save the world”, which might be a little bit tongue-in-cheek. For the first cash-prize-awarding competition, they have a multi-class, multi-label classification challenge, which they are calling Box-Plots for Education.

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What I’m Reading: The Design and Implementation of Probabilistic Programming Languages

A new online book crossed my screen recently: The Design and Implementation of Probabilistic Programming Languages. Looks good so far.

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CVRS in 2010 Report

Perhaps more than I ever wanted to know about the state of the birth and death registration system in South Africa circa 2010:


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