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Cool project/resource: Lab in the Wild

Also, they think I am young.

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Deep Dream and Smudge

I would like to combine the Google Deep Dream with Smudge. This is a way to remind me to try sometime.

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A tree for a forest

There was a recent CrossValidated question that caught my interest:

Here is my answer:

It made me ask another question:

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Hacking Death Talk

DEF CON 23 – Chris Rock – I Will Kill You

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Injury Epidemiology of Baghdad

New paper out:

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Cool idea: JoVE

Here is a super-cool approach to making science more reproducible: the journal of visualized experiments

Here is an example:

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Medium data in Python: loading a 10G .dta file

Here is a little recipe I cooked from today, a way to load a large Stata file into Python that you can cancel and still get something to play around with. I put it in an old StackOverflow question, so can somebody upvote it for me?

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