Smudge variant 2

Speaking of smudge variants, here is a multitouch drawing game that reminds me of lightbrite, if you know what I’m talking about. The 3 year old calls it “candy smudge” or “game smudge” depending on mood:

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Smudge variant 1

Do you remember a year ago when I made a multitouch drawing thingie with d3js?

My 3 year old and I modded it, and may we now share “castle smudge” with you:

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Data for Injury paper

When I mentioned that our Injury in Baghdad paper is out, I didn’t mention that the data was released with the paper. Cool:

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MCMC Mixing Mysteries

I love doing Math Reviews, for the random stuff I get to read. Here is a paper I probably would not have found:
MR3208124 Rom\’an, Jorge Carlos, Hobert, James P.\ and Presnell, Brett, On reparametrization and the Gibbs sampler, Statist. Probab. Lett. 91 (2014), 110–116.

The Gibbs sampler may be out of fashion with the Bayesian computation crowd these days, but the reparameterizations are still mysterious. I tried the PyMC3 NUTS sampler on the first example and it too has rather different mixing times:

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Major Updates to GBD Compare tool

Lots of new features: Very smooth UX. Do old links still work?

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Global Health in WA State

Interesting report:

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I asked for an improvement to mpld3, and somebody did it!

So cool!

If you don’t ask, how would somebody know that you want it:

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