IHME Seminar: Infectious Disease Mapping with Simon Hay

I used to keep up so well with the weekly IHME seminars on this blog. They are still weekly, but now they come too fast for me to capture… I guess it’s me.

There have been a few recently that really need to be mentioned, however, such as last week’s presentation on mapping *all* infectious diseases globally. Audacious project by Simon Hay: http://www.healthdata.org/video/mapping-global-distribution-all-infectious-disease

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Reproducible Research Hackathon

There is an interesting project to develop a curriculum for teaching reproducible research starting that I heard about recently: https://github.com/Reproducible-Science-Curriculum/Reproducible-Science-Hackathon-Dec-08-2014

I have been thinking about how much of this reproducible research stuff is domain-specific. This crowd seems like they are doing something pretty different from me for their research, so hope to find out how much of their reproduciblity works in global health metrics applications. A lot of interesting topics already in their issue tracker: https://github.com/Reproducible-Science-Curriculum/Reproducible-Science-Hackathon-Dec-08-2014/issues

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Gates Foundation and Open Access

This news crossed my desk recently, about the Gates Foundation pushing forward open access (OA) in 2015:

Interesting local OA news, although not UW of course. The Gates Foundation is implementing a OA mandate as of January 1, 2015:


It’s a very progressive and strong policy. No opt-out, no embargo, no restricted access, etc. I like the open data element, which is also a step beyond typical OA policies, and relevant to reproducibility.

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Close Enough for Scientific Work

This Software Carpentry project to find out how people are testing their scientific code looks great: http://software-carpentry.org/blog/2014/11/close-enough-for-scientific-work.html

I’ll have to keep my eye on the associated GitHub page https://github.com/swcarpentry/close-enough-for-scientific-work

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Stephen Few on Display Platforms

A new issue of Stephen Few’s Visual Business Intelligence Newsletter is out. I love categorizing things like this. I have been thinking of interaction very differently than he has, but everything else seems sensible to me.


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Natl Academy Press: Capturing Social and Behavioral Domains and Measures in Electronic Health Records

I get lots of strange email updates these days. Here is one about new publications from the National Academy, that may be of interest: Capturing Social and Behavioral Domains and Measures in Electronic Health Records.


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New book ‘Captive Nation’

Congratulations, Dan! Hurrah for young professors getting their books out into the world. My book will be out one day, too, but of considerably less general interest.

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