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Injuries Query on Mapping Data for SmartVA-Analyze 1.1

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Follow-up tip:
From: Abraham D. Flaxman
Sent: Wednesday, December 30, 2015 5:16 PM
Subject: RE: VA Data Update

Cool, it looks like you are making progress. I do again encourage to do this work incrementally. So make a mapping that just gets the age and sex into the right columns and run that through, and then add in a few questions at a time to make sure things keep changing in a way that makes sense (i.e. when you add the column on chest pain to your mapping, the number of heart attack deaths should increase…).

You had a question about injury coding in your spreadsheet. Here is the coding:
1. Road traffic crash/ injury
2. Fall
3. Drowning
4. Poisoning
5. Bite or sting by venomous animal
6. Burn/Fire
7. Violence (suicide, homicide, abuse)
11. Other injury, specify (__________)
8. Refused to answer
9. Don’t know

If multiple injury causes were endorsed, you may record them as a space-separated list, i.e “2 3” for a fall that resulted in drowning.


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DisMod-MR Book Talk

I gave a talk on the DisMod book and it is online: http://www.healthdata.org/events/seminar/dismod-mr-gbd-study-integrative-systems-modeling-approach-meta-regression-descriptive

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Projecting ACHD Cases

My new paper, which I believe is the first published application of DisMod-PDE: Projected growth of the adult congenital heart disease population in the United States to 2050: an integrative systems modeling approach

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CCCSMF Accuracy

I have a new verbal autopsy paper out, which goes deep into the weeds of how to measure the accuracy of a method for identifying the underlying cause of death at the population level from survey data. http://www.pophealthmetrics.com/content/13/1/28

A fun online appendix includes probabilistic combinatorial calculations of the sort that I was actually trained in: http://www.pophealthmetrics.com/content/supplementary/s12963-015-0061-1-s2.zip

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DM-MR book photo

Finally got one!


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DisMod Book Available

I have a real printed copy of the DisMod book now, and if I have understood correctly, it is really available for purchase starting today!

I meant to have a picture of it in my hands to go here, but I didn’t get it in time. Here is a multiscale rainbow smudge instead:
rainbow tunnel smudge


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New GBD paper: Maintenance dialysis throughout the world in years 1990 and 2010

This one had some of the most detailed data when we were doing GBD 2010: http://www.healthdata.org/research-article/maintenance-dialysis-throughout-world-years-1990-and-2010

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