I ♥ my new commute

I’ve been away from the keyboard, and that’s because I’ve been moving. But it’s the last time for a while, because Jessi and I are not renters anymore. Yay!

And bonus, I love my new commute. The Seattle waterfront is a nice thing to see everyday, even if it’s sometimes overcast:


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5 responses to “I ♥ my new commute

  1. Have I been way too positive recently here, or what? I’m going to complain about things next. I did see a terrible movie lately, Splice, definitely not recommended. Although it is about sexy nerds, and has a great example of how tech demo always go wrong.

  2. Mohammad

    congrats on the new place and the new commute! i miss the beauty of seattle.

  3. Thanks Mohammad. Seattle misses you, too.

  4. Greg Sorkin

    You’re squatting?! Congratulations, homeowner. Great photo.

  5. Kyle

    Congrats! Where are the new digs?