ipython notebook

Some notes to get ipython notebook running on Ubuntu. (Hope this is much easier by the next time I need to do it!)

  1. Install ZeroMQ from source:
    wget http://download.zeromq.org/zeromq-3.1.0-beta.tar.gz
    sudo apt-get install uuid-dev
    tar xvfz zeromq-2.1.11.tar.gz
    cd zeromq-2.1.11/
    sudo make install
    sudo ldconfig
  2. easy_install ipython and the notebook dependencies:
    virtualenv env_ipython
    source env_ipython/bin/activate
    easy_install ipython[zmq,test]
    easy_install tornado
    # did I miss anything? easy_install that, too
  3. Then see if this works:
    ipython notebook --pylab inline

    It does for me… I believe this was worth the effort!

2 responses to “ipython notebook

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you very much, I wish I had found your script sooner.
    I had to use “source env_ipython/bin/activate”.


  2. Glad it helped! You’re right, virtualenv requires “source” to activate. I’ve updated the recipe.

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