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IDV in Python: adding text callouts to a scatter plot interactively with mpld3

I’ve been pretty interested in the potential of interactive data visualization recently, especially ever since I saw the reaction that the Global Burden of Disease 2010 visualization tool, GBD Compare, received last year. And one promising technology for making this stuff routine is mpld3, a mashup of the Python plotting library matplotlib and the javascript visualization kernel d3. Have I mentioned this before?

The thing about interactive data visualization is that its not always clear what is useful because it excites my reptile brain, and what is useful for more logical reasons. But I was asking a colleague to add some callouts to a (non-interactive) figure recently when I realized that this is a chance for interactivity to be _obviously_ useful. These finishing touches on a graphic often take me tons of time, and using a command-line plotting program just can’t be the right way to do it. How about an mpld3 plugin that lets me add text callouts interactively? And when I’m done, it can “save” the callouts, by creating the necessary Python script to generate them again? Here it is, in a notebook.

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Fact checking with GBD Compare

I’ve been developing a habit of comparing health statistics I hear in the media with the results in GBD Compare. It is nice when they agree, such as in a recent ScienceMag focus on chronic kidney disease, corroborated here: http://ihmeuw.org/1v7i . It would be even better if the cause was known, and the burden could be removed.

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IDV in Python: Interactive heatmap with Pandas and mpld3

I’ve been having a good time following the development of the mpld3 package, and I think it has a lot of potential for making interactive data visualization part of my regular workflow instead of that special something extra. A few weeks ago, an mpld3 user showed up with an interesting challenge, and solved their own problem quite well.

I finally got a chance to look at it today, and with a little spit-and-polish this could be something really useful for me.


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