Numbers from World TB Day + Maps of Malaria

Twice as many people were diagnosed with both HIV and tuberculosis in 2007 than were in 2006. (Science Mag, BMJ)

Quote about global health data in the article that is quite consistent with what I’ve seen comes from Richard Chaisson:

“They’re working with the best stuff they have, and the best stuff they have is not good.”

PLoS Med today has an article with some beautiful maps, co-authored by PyMC super-hacker Anand Patil. A World Malaria Map: Plasmodium falciparum Endemicity in 2007.

And, to make it a triple-crown news day for infectious disease, the Pope claims that condoms exacerbate HIV and AIDS problem. (I guess this was the big news a week ago, but it just crossed my desk today.)


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2 responses to “Numbers from World TB Day + Maps of Malaria

  1. Greg

    1. “Best stuff” as in medications, not data, presumably?
    2. Can I get some of what the Pope is smoking?

  2. I think the best stuff that’s not good is the data. WHO finds that the medicine is 75% effective in curing TB, as long as it is not drug-resistant TB, and as long as the patients can tolerate all of the nasty side-effects long enough to complete the treatment.