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Data for Injury paper

When I mentioned that our Injury in Baghdad paper is out https://healthyalgorithms.com/2015/08/26/injury-epidemiology-of-baghdad/, I didn’t mention that the data was released with the paper. Cool: http://datadryad.org/resource/doi:10.5061/dryad.0nk1p

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Change Seminar: Measuring Mortality in Iraq

I gave a seminar last week for the UW computer scientists interested in doing good with technology. It’s a fun crowd. Here are the slides, requested by a regular attendee who couldn’t be there.

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Open data and the scientific python ecosystem is making my life easier

Last week I gave a talk on my work on the Iraq mortality survey. It was the first time that I’ve had a chance to talk about it since our paper was published. And since the data is all online and the scientific python tools are getting slick, I was able to make charts like this one:


See how little code it takes here.

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Mortality in Iraq paper out

I was traveling last week for a verbal autopsy conference, and now that I’m catching up I can share this: my study on Mortality in Iraq Associated with the 2003–2011 War and Occupation has been published in PLoS Medicine.

It is great that this paper got some media coverage, because it was really hard work. Here are a few examples of how the science looked in the popular press:






Lots of moving photos in the files to accompany this story!

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