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You might be interested in a new data science competition site, http://www.drivendata.org/, which is like kaggle meets change.org. They call it “Data science competitions to save the world”, which might be a little bit tongue-in-cheek. For the first cash-prize-awarding competition, they have a multi-class, multi-label classification challenge, which they are calling Box-Plots for Education.

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SciPy2014 Plotting Contest

I helped judge a plotting contest for the Scientific Python conference last summer. Who won? I don’t know, and a short web searching binge didn’t find out. A lovely plot took 3rd place, and every entry is here (with sourcecode). Good stuff for seeing how different groups do different tricks, and for checking what still doesn’t work in mpld3.

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Contest results

I mentioned in February a couple of contests that caught my eye, and the Whale Detection one turned out to be quite interesting. Now it has completed, and the prediction quality (AUC, if I recall correctly) has been raised from .72 to .98. Very cool.

Some links:

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Speaking of graphics…

I got this email the other day:

the open data kit team is in dire need of a logo and we need your help. if you know a designer (or are a designer) looking to contribute to a growing open source project, now is your chance!

before you get started, we have three rules.

  • go big! although the core team works on healthcare in africa, odk is a much broader project. try to stay away from global development or health themes, but feel free to play off the words and ideas in the project name.
  • think unified! we build a lot of tools (collect, aggregate, build, voice, clinic, etc), so a brand that could be used across all of them would be great. for example, most of the adobe creative suite applications use the same basic theme. see them at http://goo.gl/1HYP.
  • be inspired! if you’ve never designed a logo, http://goo.gl/2KBy has some great ideas to help you get started. that site also has links to an amazing array of examples.
  • our goal is to have a couple of logos that we can pick from, so spread the word and send in a few! the deadline for the competition is november 1 at midnight. send your attempts to yano@gmail.com.

    thanks for helping make odk a more visually pleasing project,


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