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Python throw-back: making mazes again

I had an escapist hobby that is captured in the history of this blog, making maze [link], and I need escape again. And now I have a 5-year-old User for the output! Cool things: the maze-making code from 7 years ago was pretty easy to get working again [links, links]; the scientific python ecosystem now has notebooks! [link]

[Photo of done mazes on paper.]

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Old Maze Making Code

Playing around with that GIS optimization stuff was a chance for me to revisit some maze-making code I wrote a few years ago: https://healthyalgorithms.com/2011/01/07/piggies-and-mazes/ I wonder what age kids it will be good for.

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Piggies and Mazes

All-time-most-popular post on healthyalgorithms: pictures of teacup pigs I copied from a long forgotten newspaper article

New hobby: making mazes with MCMC

Together, they look like this:

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