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Visualizing Uncertainty





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New words of wisdom from S Few

The Visual Perception of Variation in Data Displays

(well, it was new when I started this post)

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Javascript Things of Note

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To read: EnsembleMatrix paper

EnsembleMatrix: Interactive Visualization to Support Machine Learning with Multiple Classifiers http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/um/redmond/groups/cue/publications/CHI2009-EnsembleMatrix.pdf

I want one

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IDV in Python: Interactive Legend in MPLD3

We got a nice pull request for mpld3 recently, interactive legends. Another chance for me to use my new GIF animation recorder: https://github.com/jakevdp/mpld3/pull/299#issuecomment-110434953

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Unhide a toolbar in MPLD3

Did you ever want to know how to unhide the toolbar in MPLD3? Here is how: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/29976625/unhide-toolbar-in-mpld3

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IDV in Python: Retrieve Data From Dynamic mpld3 plot in python

Mpld3 questions show up on Stack Overflow from time to time, too, and they can get really informative answers if they pull in the javascript experts. This one got a comprehensive answer that was perhaps too expert, and so this follow up was an opportunity to show off my interactive plot call-out plugin yet again.

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