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Property Based Testing in Python

Ooh, that looks cool. You could possibly use composite strategies for testing dataframes.


From: Joe A. Wagner
Sent: Thursday, February 25, 2016 11:03 AM
To: Abraham D. Flaxman
Subject: property based testing

Hi Abie,

Have you seen hypothesis? It looks really useful. I’ve been meaning to incorporate it into my code, but I’m having a hard time defining properties of data frames (which is usually the input of most of my functions).

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People of ACM interview with Margaret Burnett

a software inspection process called GenderMag. You can try it for yourself. The process is freely available, and major technology companies are looking at the possibility of adopting it.

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Stunning Python Visuals

Found this from Software Carpentry:

Led me here:

All amazing!

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Deep Learning Frameworks

I was nearly convinced that Google’s TensorFlow would take over the world, but now I’ll need to also consider MXNet:

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dfply package

Potentially of interest, although I’ve done enough d3js to think that .select .head is fine notation:

dfply Version: 0.2.4

GitHub – kieferk from November 28, 2016
“The dfply package makes it possible to do R’s dplyr-style data manipulation with pipes in python on pandas DataFrames.”

from dfply import *

diamonds >> select(X.carat, X.cut) >> head(3)

   carat      cut
0   0.23    Ideal
1   0.21  Premium
2   0.23     Good

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py.test recipes for slowness

Useful material on how to deal with slow tests in py.test, a bit buried in the docs:

From, to get a list of the slowest 10 test durations:

pytest --durations=10

From, to skip slow tests unless they are requested:

# content of

import pytest
def pytest_addoption(parser):
    parser.addoption("--runslow", action="store_true",
        help="run slow tests")

# content of
import pytest

slow = pytest.mark.skipif(
    not pytest.config.getoption("--runslow"),
    reason="need --runslow option to run"

def test_func_fast():

def test_func_slow():

Very convenient to know.

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Why are loops called loops?

One thing the SWC training got me thinking about is the word “loop” as in “for loop”. It is something so familiar to me that I never tried to figure out why it is called a loop. I think it must come from computational flow diagrams. Incidentally, I read a book full of vintage flow diagrams recently, as part of my efforts to get up to speed on microsimulation: [Art of Simulation]


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Why do I call that variable `clf`?

From the sklearn docs: “We call our estimator instance `clf`, as it is a classifier.”

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Javascript Things of Note

View at

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I wish I had this Python video sooner

Video recommendation: Stop Writing Classes

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