To read: recent pubs on US county life expectancy

The Association Between Income and Life Expectancy in the United States, 2001-2014

Age-aggregation bias in mortality trends

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NPR version of GBD Hepatitis Paper

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New paper: The potential to expand antiretroviral therapy by improving health facility efficiency

Our work on benchmarking efficiency is now out:

It uses some very cool econ and OR methods, and it even has a press release: :

“Improving efficiency can support major gains in expanding ART to people who need treatment, especially when funding is limited,” says IHME Assistant Professor Abraham Flaxman, senior author of the study. “Now we, as a global health community, need to figure out how.”

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Ways to have a good “classroom climate”

Got a fav?


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Why do I call that variable `clf`?

From the sklearn docs: “We call our estimator instance `clf`, as it is a classifier.”

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GBD results on Hepatitis

It took a while, but we finally managed to put together all the GBD results on hepatitis:

It has had some traction with the press:

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Changing The Game for Girls in STEM

Actually not about games or “serious gaming”:
A nice critique of the “leaky pipeline” metaphor in p. 12:


Paid for by Chevron, so I guess they know more than most about pipelines…

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