Three cheers for pdb

I’ve been appreciating the Python debugger lately, and I want everyone who does data science work in Python to have a chance to appreciate it, too.

When I went looking for a good place to refer colleagues who want to learn this tool, I decided this extensive tutorial might be best: But if you have something else you think they could use, please let me know.

I thought that there was a Software Carpentry lesson on this as well, but I’m not sure where the definitive source is (perhaps this is close?), and I think Wes McKinney’s book has a very practical section on it, but I can’t confirm that without a trip to my office (it looks like his new book will have it!).

Also I use pdb++ as much as I can now, and this inspired me to read the docs about some cool things it does that I haven’t used yet so maybe I’m going to appreciate debugging in Python even more soon.

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