Websearch for Text Clustering

Here are some interesting results:



Anything I should add to my reading list?


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CT4GH: Algorithmic Thinking

Pairs well with pseudocode exercise, despite irrelevance: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Qouj-ZxcPVmYehvIvLGnNV0X_4E_9YNyjXEeCOmmBaI/edit

Is there some GH relevant *thing* that they can build, instead of messing around with legos? Maybe I can get some tech device that requires assembly, like those solar water filtration things.

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CT4GH: Pseudocode

Pseudocode Guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14x2S42cQ4J20uKRc_2LxrM-u39LE6j3M5FVCdQx5Jg8/edit

Suggests 3 examples are are not particularly relevant to health science. Alternative example: prescriptions, with examples (and a formal language, as well) from POP-PL work http://users.eecs.northwestern.edu/~sfq833/resources/papers/GPCE_POP-PL_2015.pdf

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Infographics in Python: Plot a Noun Project Icon on a Matplotlib Chart

I had to put an icon on a chart in Python last week, and I couldn’t find a good brief blog about how to do it. Here is what I cobbled together:

1. Find a free, appropriate image from The Noun Project.
2. Load it into Python with plt.imread
3. Draw it in the proper place on a figure with plt.imshow and some cryptic, hacky options.

Looks good, right?

See this all in action here: https://gist.github.com/aflaxman/c171050384471636e8f23f322ba7e9c5

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SIAM Mini-tutorial Recording online

Dear AN16 speakers, this one contains the correct link,

The sessions recorded at the Annual Meeting (AN16) in Boston are now available on SIAM Presents…Featured Lectures from Our Archives


You are welcome to link to your talk from your personal web pages and point to the site. You can find your presentation using the search box on the upper right.

We will post links from the SIAM web site to the presentations and will send out notification to attendees shortly. I expect the recorded sessions from the Conference on the Life Sciences (LS16) to also be available soon.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions.

Sorry about the error in the first email.



Linda C. Thiel
SIAM Director, Programs and Services

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New VA paper from some colleagues

“Whenever they cry, I cry with them”: Reciprocal relationships and the role of ethics in a verbal autopsy study in Papua New Guinea
HN Gouda, A Kelly-Hanku, L Wilson, S Maraga… – Social Science & …, 2016 – Elsevier


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Using disease projections for workforce planning

Here is a short paper that cites my projections of ACHD cases [link] to recruit docs into the area: https://bjcardio.co.uk/2016/04/growing-need-for-trainees-in-adult-congenital-heart-disease-in-the-uk/

Cool, it’s just what I was hoping the results would be used for.

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