Speaking of graphics…

I got this email the other day:

the open data kit team is in dire need of a logo and we need your help. if you know a designer (or are a designer) looking to contribute to a growing open source project, now is your chance!

before you get started, we have three rules.

  • go big! although the core team works on healthcare in africa, odk is a much broader project. try to stay away from global development or health themes, but feel free to play off the words and ideas in the project name.
  • think unified! we build a lot of tools (collect, aggregate, build, voice, clinic, etc), so a brand that could be used across all of them would be great. for example, most of the adobe creative suite applications use the same basic theme. see them at http://goo.gl/1HYP.
  • be inspired! if you’ve never designed a logo, http://goo.gl/2KBy has some great ideas to help you get started. that site also has links to an amazing array of examples.
  • our goal is to have a couple of logos that we can pick from, so spread the word and send in a few! the deadline for the competition is november 1 at midnight. send your attempts to yano@gmail.com.

    thanks for helping make odk a more visually pleasing project,


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