Population Health in Iran

The political situation in Iran has been in the news and on the nets a lot this week. I hope that the friends and families of all my Iranian colleagues are safe. I’m thinking of you.

I thought Obama’s statement was pretty astute, when he said,

It’s not productive, given the history of US-Iranian relations, to be seen as meddling, the US President meddling in Iranian elections.

I remember learning from some Iranian computer scientist that his impression of the popular narrative of how the Shah returned to power in the 1950s differed from my impression in some critical details.

By coincidence, this week also sees the preliminary publication of the Iran National Burden of Disease 2003 Study. This is a national-sized study of the big project that I have been working on for the last many months. I plan to write more about the global version soon, including especially the challenges for theoretical computer science that you might want to be working on.

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