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This weekend marks the submission of my first “Global Health” paper. Congratulations to me! And many, many thanks to all the people who have worked with me to make it happen. I’ll go into details sometime in the future, first let me see how things go in the refereeing process.

While I was over-working on that business, I got an interesting Call-for-Papers forwarded from global health/AI researcher Emma Brunskill. The AAAI Spring Symposium on Artificial Intelligence for Development (AI-D) is an effort to build a community of people applying computer science and artificial intelligence in less-developed settings.

TCS people, don’t let the “AI” in their title turn you off. Eric Horvitz says that this is for all of us.

From the CfP:

There has been great interest in information and communication technology for development (ICT-D) over the last several years. The work is diverse and extends from information technologies that provide infrastructure for micropayments to techniques for monitoring and enhancing the cultivation of crops. While efforts in ICT-D have been interdisciplinary, ICT-D has largely overlooked opportunities for harnessing machine learning and reasoning to create new kinds of services, and to serve a role in analyses of data that may provide insights about socioeconomic development for disadvantaged populations. The unprecedented volume of data currently being generated in the developing world on human health, movement, communication, and financial transactions provides new opportunities for applying machine learning methods to development efforts, however. Our aim is to foster the creation of a subfield of ICT-D, which we refer to as artificial intelligence for development (AI-D), to harness these opportunities.

It’s great to see Computer Science trying to address the social issues of our time.

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