Child Mortality Paper

Check it out, my first published research in global health: Neonatal, postneonatal, childhood, and under-5 mortality for 187 countries, 1970—2010: a systematic analysis of progress towards Millennium Development Goal 4. I’m the ‘t’ in et al, and my contribution was talking them into using the really fun Gaussian Process in their model (and helping do it).

I’ve long wanted to write a how-to style tutorial about using Gaussian Processes in PyMC, but time continues to be on someone else’s side. Instead of waiting for that day, you can enjoy the GP Users Guide now.


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3 responses to “Child Mortality Paper

  1. Mugizi Robert Rwebangira

    Cool paper and cool result!

    I hope this reduction in child mortality is sustained (I didn’t register so I couldn’t read the full paper).

  2. Thanks Mugizi. Sorry you need to register to get the paper… I think that it is available at no cost after you’ve registered.

    p.s. Have you ever seen ? Not that I’d recommend it for accessing the Lancet or anything…