Ways to have a good “classroom climate”

Got a fav? http://sph.washington.edu/gateway/classroom-climate.asp


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2 responses to “Ways to have a good “classroom climate”

  1. anon

    From the community dialouge section:
    “Ask questions when I don’t understand something.”

    I believe a big fear of asking a questions is the admittance that you don’t know something. Personally, this was a problem for me in teaching/taking previous courses especially when the class size is large. When taking classes I had to get over the fear of looking dumb in front of my peers (which is rarely the case if the questions are good). When teaching I tried to encourage questions with positive re-enforcement.

  2. Yes! I would broaden the suggestion, even: “ask a question when I *might not* understand something”. I find that with complex material, the first question can break the ice, and then many more questions flow. Sometimes a question as simple as “can you say that again?” is enough.