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Paper with Cool Method

Investigating the remuneration of health workers in the DR Congo: implications for the health workforce and the health system in a fragile setting
Maria Paola Bertone, Gregoire Lurton and Paulin Beya Mutombo

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Diabetes by County in USA

Diagnosed and Undiagnosed Diabetes Prevalence by County in the US, 1999–2012
Laura Dwyer-Lindgren, Johan P Mackenbach, Frank J van Lenthe, Abraham D Flaxman, Ali H Mokdad
Publication date
Diabetes Care

Cool maps:

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DALYs averted by MSF facility

I helped with a calculation that is now published in this paper: Averted health burden over 4 years at Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Trauma Centre in Kunduz, Afghanistan, prior to its closure in 2015

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I like AltMetrics now

Population Health Metrics

Dear Colleague,
We would like to share with you our most influential articles of 2015, according to
Influential Articles of 2015

Using maximum weight to redefine body mass index categories in studies of the mortality risks of obesity

Left behind: widening disparities for males and females in US county life expectancy, 1985–2010

Projected growth of the adult congenital heart disease population in the United States to 2050: an integrative systems modeling approach

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To read: recent pubs on US county life expectancy

The Association Between Income and Life Expectancy in the United States, 2001-2014

Age-aggregation bias in mortality trends

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NPR version of GBD Hepatitis Paper

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New paper: The potential to expand antiretroviral therapy by improving health facility efficiency

Our work on benchmarking efficiency is now out:

It uses some very cool econ and OR methods, and it even has a press release: :

“Improving efficiency can support major gains in expanding ART to people who need treatment, especially when funding is limited,” says IHME Assistant Professor Abraham Flaxman, senior author of the study. “Now we, as a global health community, need to figure out how.”

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Update on Polio

Nice update on polio eradication efforts from Heidi Larson’s Vaccine Confidence Report:

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For future journal clubs

Improving the measurement of maternal mortality in Thailand using multiple data sources
Chandoevwit W, Phatchana P, Sirigomon K, Ieawsuwan K, Thungthong J, Ruangdej S
Population Health Metrics 2016, 14 :16 (4 May 2016)

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Marie’s approach to BMI

Another one for the reading list:

Article alert
The following new articles have just been published in Population Health Metrics

A novel method for estimating distributions of body mass index
Ng M, Liu P, Thomson B, Murray C
Population Health Metrics 2016, 14 :6 (12 March 2016)

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