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Learning in Surgeons

New paper: Assessing surgeon behavior change after anastomotic leak in colorectal surgery
Vlad V Simianu, Anirban Basu, Rafael Alfonso-Cristancho, Richard C Thirlby, Abraham D Flaxman, David R Flum
Publication date
Journal of Surgical Research

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Try my new visualization guessing game

I made a little game for a seminar on data visualization. Can you test it out for me?

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Satire is funny

Satirical paper puts evidence-based medicine in the spotlight

Best reference (fictitious, I think): Rawlings, F. & Wilson, B. R. (1999) Inducing minor traumatic injuries in toddlers for the purpose of conducting randomised controlled trials. Techniques in Evidence-Based Medicine (Canada), 2 (5), 328–386.

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More interesting reading in JAMA Oncology

These oncology docs really have to think about communicating risk and the affective aspects of decision making:

Next I can read ref 1:

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Scratching the surface of “Psychology in Patient-Physician Communication”

This short note is interesting, but I think there is a lot more to be said (and to learn) on the matter of health communication:

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WEIRD View of Human Nature

I keep thinking of this article:

Don’t generalize too much from WIERDos

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Interesting read: Why Stochastic Can Be a Dirty Word

A taxonomy of these public responses is apparent: relief (as predicted by the authors of the article) that they did nothing to give themselves cancer, skepticism about the author’s motives, doubt about the accuracy of the science, a belief that the science must be wrong because cancer cannot be random, and anguish about their cancer being deprived of meaning. The last 2 responses often appear together.

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