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Speaking of IE

Speaking of IE, which usually stands for Industrial Engineering, but at Cornell now stands for Information Engineering (or OR/MS, which stands for Operations Research/Management Sciences), there is a subdiscipline of global health that is going through a familiar search for the perfect name. It is actually somewhat related to OR/MS, definitely it would fit in at an INFORMS meeting. For a while was going to be called “Operational Research”, which I find confusing, since this is the old European name for Operations Research. But now it seems like they too want to have “science” in the name. The new contenders are “Implementation Science” and “Program Science”.

Any thoughts from veterans of the “OR/MS” naming process that I should share with my colleagues in a similar situation?

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IE Challenges in Global Health

I adapted my “Theoretical Computer Science Challenges in Global Health” for the UW Industrial Engineering department a couple of weeks ago. Instead of 10 minutes on noisy sorting for disability weight estimation, now it has 10 minutes stochastic optimization for disease control priorities. I consider it still a work in progress, but I do have a nice recording of the lecture if anyone wants some relaxing viewing:

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