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Experimental Analysis of Algorithms

It’s been a busy two weeks since I got back in town. The PBFs who went to “the field” for their summer abroad have returned with lots of fun and interesting stories. A new batch of PBFs and PGFs has arrived, bringing IHME to it’s planned capacity of around 100 heads. And I’ve been getting deeply into experimental analysis of a gaussian process regression technique, much like the one we used for estimating child mortality rates.

Maybe I’ll work on it publicly here on healthy algorithms. I’ll see if that seems too boring as I proceed.

For the moment, I’m just looking for reading suggestions. I was very inspired by David Johnson’s papaer A Theoretician’s Guide to the Experimental Analysis of Algorithms when I read it, but that was years ago. I’m going to have to read it again. What else do you recommend like this?


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