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Of interest: New Team Science Report

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Sent: Wednesday, March 9, 2016 7:27 AM
Subject: [scisip] New Team Science Report from Academy of Medical Science

Dear List,
Given conversations on this list about Team Science, I think you will find this new report from the Academy of Medical Sciences (UK) to be quite interesting. They took a career-impact approach to studying the issues and have some fairly specific recommendations for stakeholders.


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Enhancing Team Science

Enhancing the Effectiveness of Team Science

The past half-century has witnessed a dramatic increase in the scale and complexity of scientific research. The growing scale of science has been accompanied by a shift toward collaborative research, referred to as “team science.” Scientific research is increasingly conducted by small teams and larger groups rather than individual investigators, but the challenges of collaboration can slow these teams’ progress in achieving their scientific goals. How does a team-based approach work, and how can universities and research institutions support teams? Enhancing the Effectiveness of Team Science synthesizes and integrates the available research to provide guidance on assembling the science team; leadership, education and professional development for science teams and groups. It also examines institutional and organizational structures and policies to support science teams and identifies areas where further research is needed to help science teams and groups achieve their scientific and translational goals. This report offers major public policy recommendations for science research agencies and policymakers, as well as recommendations for individual scientists, disciplinary associations, and research universities. Enhancing the Effectiveness of Team Science will be of interest to university research administrators, team science leaders, science faculty, and graduate and postdoctoral students.


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