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@healthyalgo is twittering

I guess I’m one to follow the latest fads. I have a blog, right?

I held off even considering “Twitter” for a long time, however. Who cares what I’m doing, right now, in 140 characters?

But that’s not actually what twitter is about (at least its not all that twitter is about). It’s more like having an IRC chat room, but in a public park. But the fauna is synthetic.

Anyway, I’m giving it a try. You can see how it’s going for me here.

My ego does depend a little bit on how many “followers” I have, but I’ve got practice dealing with this. When I was a college radio deejay, I usually had no idea if anyone was listening out there in radio land, so I’d put on my most depressive college radio voice, get on the mic and ask for callers. Then while I waited to see if anyone would call in, I’d dedicate this song to myself:

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