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UW Exchange email on an Android phone

This is a sort-of public service message, and I expect that it will at least be of service to my future self. Since I am now an absent-minded professor, I lost my cell phone when I was at JSM. So I got a new one today (thus following the advice my department head gave me when he saw the cracked screen on my old phone a month ago). And since it’s new and shiny, I started playing around and decided to make it check my university email, calendar, etc.

This is all easy, provided you know the magic settings, which are not recorded anywhere (yet).  I’ll write down precisely what it should be for someone with UW username “your_username”.  Just replace that with “abie” if you’re me, or something appropriate if you’re not.

  • Email address: your_username@u.washington.edu
  • Server address: exchange.washington.edu
  • Domain: netid
  • Username: your_username
  • Password: *********
  • This server requires an encrypted SSL connection: Yes

Search engines, please index this so I can find it next time I’m looking for “UW email on android”, thanks.


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