Other Way Cool Demos from SciPy 2011

Besides the marvelous upgrade to ipython, there were some other things I saw at SciPy 2011 that I want to remember to remember.

I think I’ll have a lot more to say about Dexy soon, because I really need something like that. A tool to make documentation sexy. If only the tool itself had more documentation!


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2 responses to “Other Way Cool Demos from SciPy 2011

  1. Hey Abie,

    I was reading this, http://www.alandix.com/blog/2010/11/06/web-artscience-camp-how-web-killed-the-hypertext-star-and-other-stories/, and dexy was mentioned. It sounded familiar, and then I remembered you mentioning this. But it’s only now that I got the point after reading the ‘get-started’ page on Ana’s dexy.it site. It went over my head before because I was mostly concerned about inter-file relationships, while dexy is perhaps most useful at documenting code segments in a file for transclusion in another document. Just thought I’d leave a comment since your blog came up when I googled “dexy” “stata” to look for existing filters that I could use.