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Turing Centennial Series from In Theory blog

I have greatly enjoyed the series of posts that Luca Trevisan brought together in honor of Alan Turing’s 100th birthday.  He introduced the series as follows:

Within the Turing festivities, I think it would be interesting to talk about how things have changed (or not) since Turing’s time for people who do academic work in cryptography and in the theory of computing and who are gay or lesbian.


So I have invited a number of gay and lesbian colleagues to write guest posts talking about how things have been for them, and so far half a dozen have tentatively accepted. Their posts will appear next month which, besides being Turing’s centennial month, also happens to be the anniversary of the Stonewall riots.

The 8 contributed posts (starting from post 0) are collected here, but I recommend that you start from Post 0 and work your way up:

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The road to knowledge is asking many questions

I got a little peeved when reading too many documents on the computer this morning, and I asked the internet “Why does acrobat have hyperlinks but no back button???

And it told me: Just use ALT-back arrow, or click a few times and you can add it.

Thanks internet.

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Healthy algorithms, healthy baby

Healthy algorithms has been quite for the last two months, because I have had a new project to keep me occupied: Sidney.


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