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GBD 2010 in Discover Magazine

If I’m going to call attention to magazine coverage of the GBD 2010, I must also point out the great Discover Magazine article my former classmate wrote, which includes a snapshot I’m pretty sure I took.

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GBD 2010 as described in the Atlantic

Here is a nice, concise explanation of what the GBD 2010 Study found, published last Jan in Atlantic Magazine.

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IHME data in Economist viz

I had two colleagues call my attention to a cool use of GBD 2010 estimates recently: the Economist observed World Hepatitis Day by calling attention to the deaths due to hepatitis as compared to the deaths due to HIV. It is very nice to see these numbers getting out into the world.

But there are a lot of metrics to use for this comparison, and a lot of ways to show them besides a four-colored map. Find a country of interest from their map, and then make a detailed comparison on the GBD-Compare tool: China, North Africa/Middle East, United States.

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Code review for science

A cool experiment from the Mozilla Science Lab: Code Review for Scientists. I look forward to the results.

If anyone wants to do code review of my science, you can comment line-by-line on my github repos.

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IHD in GBD-Compare

As I mentioned, disease-specific papers I helped with from the GBD 2010 work are starting to appear, and the GBD-Compare tool tells a story about each one. This one is about heart disease, as described in Forouzanfar et al. Assessing the global burden of ischemic heart disease, part 2: analytic methods and estimates of the global epidemiology of ischemic heart disease in 2010.

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Descriptive Epi Paper Pile

A small pile of disease-specific papers I helped with from the GBD 2010 have started to make their way into the world. Each should have a set of links to an appropriately selected spot in the GBD-Compare tool:

It would be great if the systematic review data from these studies was released as well! At least two groups have actually used the HCV replication dataset in their own research now.

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Force-directed graph with clusters in D3js

Stack Overflow comes through with a cool solution:


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