IHME Seminar: Captricity

We had a live-streamed seminar at IHME this week! I’m very excited to hear that it worked. The talk was good, too.

We heard from Kuang Chen, the founder and CEO of Captricity (http://captricity.com/), about how this “beyond OCR” approach to data entry went from academic research to a Silicon Valley startup. To show off what they can do, Captricity has a number of cool datasets that they have transformed from unsearchable PDFs into well-groomed csv files. For example, the USA 1940 census: https://shreddr.captricity.com/opendata/1940-census/

I could see using this service in my future, maybe for a VA survey or something similar. But what really grabbed me was the datasets they are making available. Their data gallery a place I’ll be watching: https://shreddr.captricity.com/opendata/

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