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How did GBD find X?

From: Abraham D. Flaxman
Sent: Friday, May 29, 2015 9:46 PM
To: Deepa Rao; Stephen Gloyd
Subject: MOZ Self-Harm in GBD

I didn’t want to get in the way of any presenters today, and I didn’t have a chance to catch you afterwards on the MOZ self-harm estimates from GBD, but we actually have a pretty good tool for digging into questions like this now:

If you click on a data point, it links to a page on the source. In this case, there are two verbal autopsies as sources, one nationally representative, and one for a DSS site: on the topic of VA, you might suspect that these measurements are lower than the truth, since stigma, and how is a VA going to get coded to suicide if the respondent says it was an accident?


Abraham D. Flaxman
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Some thoughts on code review

We’ve been doing a massive code review exercise at IHME this quarter. I think I mentioned it in passing. I have adapted the approach that Philip Guo wrote up in ACM Communications, and forced everyone to use git and comment on pull requests (in stash, Atalassian’s Github alternative, which we host internally).

It has been a good experience for some, but it is time to find out how it worked for all, with a more traditional course evaluation. Fingers crossed.

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Can I use unittest.mock in python?

A question I would like to answer. Perhaps this is the place to start:

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I’m considering sneaking syntax checking into the scientific code review process I’ve been running this quarter. Here are some resources:

RLint: or
Stata Lint:

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CHD mortality over time from GBD 2013

CHD mortality over time:

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Mortality Rates above Emergency Threshold

Re , PLoS NTD published the paper I reviewed for them, too:

Cool to see it in print. I wanted them to comment on the missing youth in their population pyramid, but I did not demand it:


I think the authors felt it was too speculative.

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Data for Health Program

Very exciting news about filling the gaps in our knowledge about health

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