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Projecting ACHD Cases

My new paper, which I believe is the first published application of DisMod-PDE: Projected growth of the adult congenital heart disease population in the United States to 2050: an integrative systems modeling approach

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My top 20 numpy calls

One fun thing about using the IPython Notebook as my lab book for all my research is that I can do “me”-search in my copious spare time, for example to see the top 25 `numpy` calls I’ve used this year:

In [1]:
import glob

In [2]:
lines = ''
for fname in glob.glob('*.py'):
    with file(fname) as f:
        lines +=
        lines += '\n'

In [3]:
import re

# Find top np.* calls

In [9]:
np_calls = re.findall('np\.[\w\.]+', lines)

In [10]:
import pandas as pd

In [12]:
np.array            219
np.random.normal    170
np.mean             130
np.random.seed      126
np.round            124
np.log              119
np.exp              114
np.linspace          96
np.random.choice     84
np.where             84
np.zeros             78
np.ones              65               62
np.empty             62
np.sum               52
np.absolute          49
np.nan               47
np.arange            45
np.inf               38
np.sqrt              37

Number one thing: `np.array`! I wonder why I use that.

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CCCSMF Accuracy

I have a new verbal autopsy paper out, which goes deep into the weeds of how to measure the accuracy of a method for identifying the underlying cause of death at the population level from survey data.

A fun online appendix includes probabilistic combinatorial calculations of the sort that I was actually trained in:

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DM-MR book photo

Finally got one!


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Deep Dream and Smudge

I would like to combine the Google Deep Dream with Smudge. This is a way to remind me to try sometime.

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DisMod Book Available

I have a real printed copy of the DisMod book now, and if I have understood correctly, it is really available for purchase starting today!

I meant to have a picture of it in my hands to go here, but I didn’t get it in time. Here is a multiscale rainbow smudge instead:
rainbow tunnel smudge

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A tree for a forest

There was a recent CrossValidated question that caught my interest:

Here is my answer:

It made me ask another question:

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Smudge variant 2

Speaking of smudge variants, here is a multitouch drawing game that reminds me of lightbrite, if you know what I’m talking about. The 3 year old calls it “candy smudge” or “game smudge” depending on mood:

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Smudge variant 1

Do you remember a year ago when I made a multitouch drawing thingie with d3js?

My 3 year old and I modded it, and may we now share “castle smudge” with you:

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