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Vaccine Delivery, the case of HPV prevention

Tough choices are when and how much.

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Write-up of my SIAM Tutorial

That was nice of them to do:

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So cool–nbtutor

The first release of nbtutor (“Visualize Python code execution (line-by-line) in Jupyter Notebook cells.”) is available on pypi:

pip install nbtutor
jupyter nbextension install --sys-prefix --overwrite --py nbtutor
jupyter nbextension enable --sys-prefix --py nbtutor

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Pretty good alphabet book

This was not designed for kids, but it seems to have captured my 4 year old’s attention for the moring:

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Point/Polygon Pubs

Some additional papers on the point/polygon problem:

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Named Entity Resolution in Python

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Did I not yet blog about the GATHER guidelines? I know I sent some excited emails about them when they were released. GATHER mandates reproducible research for descriptive epidemiology. Full details:

Summary image [replace with a prettier version]:

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