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NSF Program Solicitation for Smart Health

This NSF Program Solicitation crossed my desk recently. It is for “Smart Health and Wellbeing”, which includes a lot of healthy algorithms topic in the “new tools and methods” it lists. For example:

From Data to Knowledge to Decisions: Investigate methods and algorithms for aggregation of multi-scale clinical, biomedical, contextual, and environmental data about each patient (EHR, personal health records – PHR, etc.), and unified and extensible metadata standards, and decision support tools to facilitate optimized patient-centered evidence-based decisions. Integrate patient information with delivery systems performance and economic models to support operations management decisions. Develop robust knowledge representations and reasoning algorithms to support inferences based on individual or population health data, multiple sources of potentially conflicting information while complying with applicable policies and preferences. Develop innovative technology for the secondary use of health data to support assisted and automated discovery of reliable knowledge from aggregated population health records and predictive modeling and simulation of health and disease at multiple levels from cellular to individuals/patients to populations, along with robust validation and integration of empirical data into the models. Develop understanding of how families, communities, informal caregivers, professional medical teams and patients interpret care and treatment. Increase understanding of issues (technological, behavioral, socio-economic, value-driven actions, ethical, systemic) that interfere with patients’ collaboration in care team and adherence to treatment and wellness regimens.

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