Teaching in Video Blips

Claire Mathieu has been blogging about intro math and CS videos from Khan Academy and from others:

I’ve heard about this Khan Academy, and it seems like more and more course material is appearing as tiny web videos.

Also I recently found out that there is a free, online version of the Stanford Intro AI Class taught by Peter Norvig and Sebastian Thrun, for which 56,000 students signed up. I think I accidentally did their homework.


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2 responses to “Teaching in Video Blips

  1. Judy Flaxman

    From the NY Times:

    TECHNOLOGY | December 05, 2011
    Grading the Digital School: Online Learning, Personalized
    At least 36 schools nationwide are combining teacher-led lessons with computer-based lectures and exercises using a software program based on Salman Khan’s popular YouTube lessons.


  2. The Stanford Machine Learning course is excellent, as are the Khan inspired offerings. This is the best thing to happen to education that I can recall in my lifetime.