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Styling Excel with Pandas

I had a bunch of stylish tables to make once long ago, and I thought, “why don’t I do that automatically?” It would take longer the first time, but it would be faster in future iterations. Unfortunately, there never were any future iterations, but fortunately, it was more fun to research automatic generation of stylish tables than do what I needed to get done.

The seeds I planted have started to sprout a little bit, though, and the latest pandas now supports openpyxl2 which supports a lot of style. So here is a start on the stylish table writing feature.

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IHME Seminar: Environmental Indicators

On Oct 15, we had a seminar from Yale Professor Angel Hsu on her work developing indicators for country performance on environmental sustainability. I found it surprisingly positive, for example this score card for the United States that says almost everything is getting better or at least staying the same:


This seems to conflict with the EPA report that came out recently and reminded me to write this.


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