Advice from Abett

Abett is my former colleague Mike Hanlon’s new startup, and its advice app is now publicly available.

I remember fondly the days I spent working with Mike, who has a wealth of stories from has time as employee #7 at Amazon. He was in the cruicble as AMZN formed, stormed, and normed, and I got a lot of insight into what IHME’s fast growth could look like from his battle tales.

He has lofty goals for Abett as well, to use “big data”, in this case meaning user trace data, to help _people_ instead of advertisers. I’m 100% for that.


There is no advertising on our service, and never will be. We don’t care which products you buy, or if you buy any at all. We want you to make the right decision for you. Advertising would bias that objectivity, and thus we don’t accept it.

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