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AAUP Forum: The shooting at UW on inagguration day

I moderated a panel discussion of this recent challenging event, and a recording of it is now online:

On January 20, Inauguration Day, self-described anti-fascist activist Josh Dukes was shot and critically injured at a rally at the University of Washington. Milo Yiannopoulos, a high-profile “alt-right” (white supremacist) speaker, had been invited by the College Republicans to speak at Kane Hall on that evening. Hundreds of people opposed to the speaker and his message had rallied outside Kane Hall, where those attending the talk were queued up to enter the hall. Both the UW and the Seattle police were there in force.

In the aftermath of the shooting, information about the incident and the shooter was scarce, and often contradictory. It was reported that someone had turned himself in, but this person was released. Rumors abounded about whether the shooter was a UW student, about whether police had purposefully corralled people from opposing sides in order to create an incident to facilitate arrests, and about whether the shooters were affiliated with individuals who had placed threatening neo-Nazi-style posters on the campus. No arrests were made, and no explanation for the lack of arrests was given. Police and UW administration declined to comment, citing the ongoing investigation as the reason.

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