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World Bank Estimates the Cost of Contact Tracing in Ebola Response

I want to save a bookmark to this little table in a big report on the economic impacts of Ebola in West Africa: World Bank country offices in Nigeria and Senegal produced estimates of the cost of successfully tracing contacts when responding to imported cases. Expensive, but worth it!

contact tracing costs

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CVRS in 2010 Report

Perhaps more than I ever wanted to know about the state of the birth and death registration system in South Africa circa 2010:


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Tools They Use

I’m always on the lookout for new tools that I should be using in my daily work. Here is a short write-up by #hackebola researcher Caitlin Rivers on the subject:

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Python Pandas Intros

I’m going to give a Python Pandas guest lecture in the Python Science class next week, and I thought I’d take a look at the Pandas intros that are out there. There are a lot now! Here are some that I flipped through:

Its fun being a teacher in the age of information.


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Les Roberts blogs from Sierra Leone

A few links to Les Roberts blogging from Sierra Leone:

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Verbal Autopsy Analysis Slides

I gave a talk on automatic methods to map from verbal autopsy interview results to underlying causes of death last August, and I like the slides so much that I’m going put them online here. Cheers to the new IHME themed templates for Power Point!



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Digging into the GBD 2010 Risk Factors II

A follow-up on my recent adventure digging into the GBD 2010 risk factors, wherein I helped a fellow researcher find the specific diseases to which the risk factor DALYs are attributed ( ):


I helped find where to look at the risk factor attribution, but what if you want to download the numbers? The “download chart data as CSV” link gives you something, but it is not the risk factors, it is just the disease fractions of total DALYs:


Fortunately, a javascript guru with a few minute told me the incantation to get the risk factor fractions out, recorded here for posterity:

$.fileDownload(app.settings.baseURL+'php/risk_data.php',{ httpMethod: "POST", data:{ measure: app.getMeasure(1, 'percent'), sex: app.getSex(1), age: app.getAge(1), year: app.getYear(1), location: app.getLocation(1), cause: d3.keys(app.metadata.causes), risk: app.getRisk(1), format: 'csv', title: app.charts[1].getTitle(), } });

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