MAL-ED study

I needed to get up to speed on this large data collection effort, so I thought I’d collect what I found here, for my own reference and in case it was of interest to others.

> The purpose of this study was to collect longitudinal data on the relationships between malnutrition and enteric infections in children ages 17 days through approximately 2 years.
> The data were collected through in-person interviews in the home, anthropometry, cognitive exams, and biological samples. The samples collected included blood, urine, and stool. The households were visited twice weekly for interviews and stool samples. Anthropometric measurements were gathered at monthly intervals. Blood samples were taken at 7 and 15 months of age to assess micronutrient levels and vaccination status. Children underwent the lactulose-mannitol urine test for gut function at 3, 6, 9, 15, and 24 months.
> The study was conducted in subnational areas of Bangladesh, Brazil, India, Peru, Pakistan, Nepal, South Africa, and Tanzania. Each site had a sample size of approximately 200 children.

(n = 2,053)

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