Introducing Vivarium

I’ve had a new line of research developing for the last 18 months or so—*microsimulation*. It started when I stepped in to help with the “Cost Effectiveness Analysis with Microsimulation” (or CEAM) project at IHME. Now it is growing and growing to take over all of my research and recreation time. Is that bad or good?

Some of this work has now seen daylight from our presentations at SummerSim and iHEA in July, and today I am please to introduce a python package that you can use, too.

The programmers I’ve been working with on this convinced me that it is not just for cost effectiveness analysis and we need a more expansive name for it. So I present to you: vivarium.


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2 responses to “Introducing Vivarium

  1. You should be in product marketing. Vivarium could be a new element, a pill, a 10-hour energy drink, a new type of nonstick coating, a cleaning agent, the list goes on. But it’s best used for this purpose, of course!

  2. I know, doesn’t it sound great? I can’t take credit for this one, it was a team effort. If we didn’t use it for this, I think it would best be a steam-punk-themed energy drink.