More interesting reading in JAMA Oncology

These oncology docs really have to think about communicating risk and the affective aspects of decision making:

Next I can read ref 1:

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Book’s got a cover!

An Integrative Metaregression Framework for Descriptive Epidemiology –

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Porting PyMC2 models to PyMC3

It is time for me to start doing this. Here is a StackOverflow question and answer about it, if it is time for you, too:

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MCMC in Python: Gaussian mixture model in PyMC3

PyMC3 is really coming along. I tried it out on a Gaussian mixture model that was the subject of some discussion on GitHub:

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Earth Engine in IPython Notebook

This is cool:


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IDV in Python: Interactive Legend in MPLD3

We got a nice pull request for mpld3 recently, interactive legends. Another chance for me to use my new GIF animation recorder:

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Scratching the surface of “Psychology in Patient-Physician Communication”

This short note is interesting, but I think there is a lot more to be said (and to learn) on the matter of health communication:

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